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One London Broil or other lean meat (ask your butcher to slice it into 1/4 inches strips)


Place strips in a non-metal bowl and cover with a mixture of
Worcestershire sauce,
1/3 brown sugar replacement (Sugar Twin) or not if you do not care for a sweet jerky.
1/4 cup of mustard of your choice (less if you choose),
1/4 cup onion flakes

Place meat in the above brine and into refrigerator overnight (At least 12 hours but more certainly won't hurt, longer is better). Make sure the meat is covered with the brine, that is why I didn't specify amount of Worcestershire sauce as you need to adjust to the amount of meat you have to cover. Since I haven't added any additional salt to this recipe, this jerky should be refrigerated after cooking. Freezing it would of course preserve it for months, but I think I can safely say, it won't last long once you and your family members taste it!
The Next Day
Soak your wood chips for a least one hour and place the now brined strips in your Little Smoker with the chips and smoke away! Mine took two days as I turned off the smoker at night and we have fairly hugh humidity here in the mountains of Oregon.
Not only is this jerky delicious, but you know exactly what is in it and there is no sugar like the store bought kind. I enjoyed mine recently on a two day car trip as a munchie snack while driving with my sugar free drinks. Keep me out of the convience stores at the gas stations! Enjoy!
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