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This is the time of year to finish up the summer garden and get ready for fall as well as spring flowers.

1) Time to finish harvesting the summer crops and pull plants. Corn stalks and dying plants should be added to the compost pile. This is a great time to mulch your summer garden area well with mulch and for me, I put down a heavy layer of straw on top.

2) Time to plant those bulbs for next spring. Be sure to prepare the soil with plenty of organic matter such as peat moss, compost or leaf mold. It is recommended that this mixture should be approximatly 1/4 of your prepared bed. Plant small bulbs approximatly 3-6 inches and larger bulbs 6-12 inches. If you have bulbs such as irises and tulips that need to be divided, then now is the time to do that too.

3) When you have completed all your post summer chores and the spring bulbs are in, then it's time to focus your attention to your tools. Sharpen and clean all your shovels, trowls, etc then plunge them in a mixture of sand and used motor oil. This will put a nice coat of oil on your tools and they won't rust during the winter. Make sure all the wooden handles are in good shape too. If rough, a brief rubdown with sandpaper and a coat of oil such as linseed oil will keep them from splitting. Then hang them all up and you are done for fall!

4) Thinking ahead about next spring? Visit our on-line catalog or download our zipped catalog and start planning for 98. We will be offering larger packets of seeds for the larger garden or truck patch farmer and numerous gardening books starting in January! Be sure to bookmark our page so when you are thinking GARDEN, you can visit us anytime.

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