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Little Grayback Farm's International Seeds Garden Catalogs

includes over 450 selections:
garden flowers for the flowerbed (107 selections)
garden herbs for cooking (61 selections)
seeds for cut and dried flower arrangements (23 selections)
seeds for potpourri plants (20 selections)
our unique and rare rose seeds from around the world (17 selections)
unusual and hard to find seeds (veggies, flowers, gourds, herbs and more) (48 selections)
our favorite veggies ( 110 selections)
sir-fry veggie seeds from the far east (7 selections)
1997 NEW seeds selections (43 and growing)

**Especially for Organic gardening:
*Natural replellent plants and natural pesticides (16 selections)
*Predatory insects to protect your garden (18 selections) (US only)
. Please ask for "Favorites" when ordering.

To order, return to our Catalog page.