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Grayback Farm's International Seeds..For all your home and gardening seeds. Hundreds of unique selections to choose from. member of Association of online growers and suppliers.Member of AOGS


Due to limited web space, not all seed varieties are listed here. See our main page for information on getting the entire catalog by e-mail.

house plants grown for their foliage. flowers and scentsHouse Plants grown for their foliage and flowers

NEW! Our Favorite Flower Garden Selections

NEW! Exotic and Unusual Vines from Around the World

exceptional bonsai specimens Unusual Bonsai Specimens

cacti for garden and home Our Favorite Cacti

flowers grown for arrangements both fresh and dried Flowers for Cut and Dried Arrangements

exotic fruit and nut treesExotic, Tropical Fruit and Nut Plants

unique veggies, flowers, herbs, gourds and moreUnusual and Hard to Find Garden Plants

medicinal plantsMedicinal Herbs and Healing Plants

insect repellent plants and organic pesticidesNatural Insect Repellent Plants

exotic palms Palm Trees From Around the World

potpourri plants Potpourri Plants

unusual trees and shrubs for your yard Unusual Trees and Shrubs from Around the World

new seed arrivals New Seed Arrivals

special order seeds Special Order Seeds

NEW! Rain Forest, Amazon, Jungle Plants

NEW! Ornamental Grass seeds from around the world


NEW! Lawn Shrubs and Plants from Around the World

NEW! Our Favorite Garden Herbs

NEW! Chinese/Japanese/Korean Stir-fry Vegetables

NEW!roses from around the world Our Favorite Rose Seeds

NEW! Seeds for Chinese Medicinal Plants

NEW! Oak tree seeds from around the world

NEW!Tobacco Seeds From Around the World (For processing your own Cigars, Cigarettes, Chewing, Snuff, Pesticides, Ornamental Plants )

NEW!The Universal Seedbank featuring thousands of unique seeds from around the world. Many of these seeds are supplied from growers and nursery suppliers from around the world who do not sell to the public. All seeds listed can be ordered through us. You must use the Universal Seedbank Order Form to order these seeds on-line as they can not be ordered with our regular seed listings.

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