My Two Cents Worth

Why we are eating the low carb way!

Recently, as I gazed at the wedding pictures of my daughter's wedding, I realized just how heavy I have become over my adult life. To the tune of almost forty-five pounds and my husband is also significantly overweight as well.

I had begun to follow the postings in the newsgroup and noticed how many were following either the Atkins or CAD diet plan and were being successful.

I stopped at our local library and picked up Dr. Atkins New Revolution Diet Plan book and began reading it. The more I read, the more I realized that both of us eat lots of carbohydrates! And there is a history of diabetes in my husband's family as well so he had more potential for health problems.

We both decided to give this way of eating a try and boy, are we surprised!

Not only are we losing weight, but through some serious research, we are learning that we have been eating wrong for a very long time.

I will not try to explain the diet plan to you but refer you to pick up Atkin's books for the full explanation of his food plan. Instead I would like to share some revelations we are experiencing and some of our new found recipes. This is a very simple way to eat and the results are wonderful.

Below, are some of the meals and recipes we are enjoying. Starred items have recipes listed:


Bacon and scrambled eggs

Italian turkey sausage with eggs over easy

Hot dogs (no buns)

Sugar Free jello with cottage cheese *

Chili rellenos *

Deviled eggs *


Summer Stock Soup *

Crab Quiche

Pastrami rolls * and deviled eggs

Deviled eggs * and 1 ounce of chosen nuts

Matt's home made Jerky *

Chef salad with choice of cheeses and meats

Tuna salad in tomato

Corned beef melt with Swiss cheese



Matt's home made Chili * (no tomatoes or beans)

Bacon Cheese burgers

Roasted chicken with gravy

BBQ pork with Matt's special BBQ sauce *

Pizza *

Taco plate *



Sugar Free jello with whipped cream

Cheese chunks with your choice thuringer, salami, cold sliced turkey, beef,

Nachos *

Matt's home made jerky *

Chocolate Cottage Cheesecake *

Smokehouse almonds 1 oz with sugar free pop

Remember that lunch and dinner also include some form of veggies, from a salad to just slices of cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden.

Beverages include the all important water (8 glasses per day minimum), ice tea, sugarless soda, lemonade with artificial sweetener, coffee and hot tea. Another LC person mentioned adding unsweetened Kool-Aid to her ice tea for different flavors! I plan on trying that one myself. I suggest not relying too much on sodas as they can have a negative effect on your thirst and caffeine and artificial sweeteners really aren't good for any of us. I seem satisfied to have maybe two glasses of pop a day. Water is more satisfying to me this time of year.



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